Thursday, July 24, 2008

1.25 years later

Wow... it has been a while. I pretty much forgot about this blog until today when a random person commented on my Nip Chee post. So much has happened since the last entry... If you had told me in April 2007 that I would be married and have a baby by July 2008, I would have believed only one of those things.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bagel Casualty

This morning I went to get a bagel, I hadn't had one in quite a while. As I pulled in I noticed that two bagels did not make it to breakfast.

In other news, Elmo was removed from the roof sometime yesterday.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Catch the Wind - Update

I get more random visitors from my post on "Catch the Wind" so I thought I would add an update. About a week ago I started hearing the faster (Dylanish) version of the song on a GE commercial for wind power or some such. Other Donovan songs spotted in the past few months:

"Happiness Runs" on a Cheerios commercial.
"Hurdy Gurdy Man" on a commercial for the movie "The Zodiac" which was actually kind of upsetting to me in a weird way. I don't like that song associated with murder!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Still there

Monday morning, I was driving into work and was stopped behind a school bus. I suddenly realized I was near the Elmo house. Not only was I near the house, Elmo's probable owner was boarding the bus. I looked up on the roof and Elmo was still there. Elmo was still there this afternoon. Elmo might be there a while.

Yesterday was just craptastic...
  • It was the Monday after break.
  • I had a phone message from a student who had been hospitalized, pneumonia, out of breath, etc etc. It was over two minutes long. And completely unnecessary; if you are in the hospital, catch up on the work later!
  • I missed a dress I wanted off Ebay.
  • I forgot my check when I went to the bank and had to drive back to work and get it.
  • The Taco Bell in Mooresville is the only one that consistently understands "bean burrito no onions" and I wish I had gone to that location.
  • I came home to take a nice bath to recover and there was a shortage of hot water.

All in all no one item was too terrible but add them together and it is just so irritating.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Random Observation #358

I was driving through an old residential area on my way to work yesterday. You know the type of area... old houses, train tracks, feed store. As I was driving past one of the houses near the Feed Bucket I saw a kid's Elmo doll laying on the roof. I wonder if it will still be there a week from now when I go back to work.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I'm feeling very clingy today. And have been for a while I think. Dean said that his one-year old was being clingy as well, so I am not alone. Except that I am. Being in a clingy mood by yourself is extremely frustrating. If I were a one-year old I would probably scream and cry. But since I'm not, I won't.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Walk Away

Walk Away - Franz Ferdinand

I swapped my innocence for pride
Crushed the end within my stride
Said 'I'm strong now I know that I'm a leaver"
I love the sound of you walking away
Mascara bleeds a blackened tear
And I am cold
Yes I'm cold
But not as cold as you are
I love the sound of you walking away

Why don't you walk away?
No buildings will fall down
Why don't you walk away?
No quake will split the ground
Why don't you walk away?
The sun won't swallow the sky
Why don't you walk away?
Statues will not cry

I cannot turn to see those eyes
As apologies may rise
I must be strong and stay an unbeliever
And love the sound of you walking away
Mascara bleeds into my eye
I'm not cold
I am old
At least as old as you are
As you walk away

And as you walk away
My headstone crumbles down
As you walk away
The Hollywood wind's a howl
As you walk away
The Kremlin's falling
As you walk away
Radio 4 is static
As you walk away

The stab of stiletto
On a silent night
Stalin smiles
Hitler laughs
Churchill claps
Mao Tse-Tung
On the back